Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8: So, what do I REALLY eat?

Pre-workout snack.

Many blogs and sites like Pinterest are chock full of beautifully photographed, extravagant plant powered meals and snacks, but really, who has time to construct these all day, every day?

So what do I really eat?

A lot of it is quick and dirty.  One of my favorite pre-workout morning snacks is simply some almond butter on Ezekial bread with some sliced banana (or no sugar added jam).  Other times it may be an apple, a handful of walnuts, raw sunflower seeds, sugar snap peas, carrots dipped in hummus or occasionally a piece of dark chocolate. It's good to keep options handy in case hunger hits when you're out and about. You don't want fast food to be your savior here.

Last night, for example, I didn't want to go crazy and try anything too time consuming, as Amber was working late and I had just gotten Stella down to sleep.  I stopped by Whole Foods earlier in the day and picked up a new pizza crust to try.

I'd love to try making some whole grain pizza crusts on my own in the near future, but this was quick, easy and actually really tasty. The only ingredients in the crust are whole rice flour and potato.

I spread a little Green Mill pizza sauce on, added broccoli, green pepper, onion, spinach and some red pepper flakes and that was it. Dinner done.

The bottom line is, if you're trying to make healthier choices, don't beat yourself up. Keep it simple. Keep learning. The more I do this, the easier the choices become and the more options/knowledge I have to draw from.

The finished result.

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