Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 9: Dead Man Walking

Whole Foods Saves the Day!

Don't let the title mislead you, I think the food is still giving me tons of energy and nutrients, but our little bugger, Stella, has been sick and the lack of sleep has finally caught up to me. But hey, it gives me an excuse to watch this week's premier of Justified at 6am, right?

Thankfully, our new store is just doors a way from Whole Foods, which happens to have a buffet bar of sorts with tons of tasty plantcentric meals.

Since it was my first time trying it out, I took samples of 5-6 dishes. My favorite was the cashew tofu curry and the the cauliflower/pea curry. They also have a hot bar with some amazing looking Indian dishes that I'll have to try some evening. It's awesome that enough other people out there are eating this way that you can now buy fresh meals without having to prepare everything yourself.

However, when not preparing the food yourself, you have no control over the type of or amount of oils used. But I still think it's a pretty healthy choice when in a pinch.

I will say that the price is definitely not super budget friendly, so next time out, I may need to snap a photo of the ingredients and give some of these a whirl myself. That is, after catching up on some needed zzzzzzz's.

Now why didn't I splurge for the dark chocolate at the counter? Duncan needs to work on his upselling ;)

On a side note, the scale says I'm down 7lbs from Jan 1st. It's probably just a lot of water, but encouraging nonetheless. This isn't supposed to be a fast weight loss program by any means, but I'm not complaining.

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