Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 20: Oops, I did it again

Spaghetti with Oil & Garlic
I warned you that it might happen. I made the same dish as Day 19, but added some spinach and a little less oil. It's just so damn tasty.

Now onto new things for me. Who out there likes kale? I know you're out there. At least you say you are. Is it like beer or coffee where you might have to suffer through a hazing period before you can pretend or actually enjoy it? Because I picked up a side of the kale salad at Whole Foods, and although I got it down, it was not a pleasant experience. I tried baking kale chips a few months ago, and those were just not edible. Not it any way.  So if you have any tips, please let me know. For now, I will continue to consume my kale via smoothie form.

Not a Pleasant Experience

Also, on the recommendation of some people who have been eating plants for a lot longer than I have, I ordered a B12 supplement. Apparently, it's not actually that we need to eat animals to get B12, but we need to eat the soil or water that contains the bacteria. Our food is so clean and removed from the nutrient rich soil of yesteryear, that we no longer get the B12 from our fruits and veggies. However, other animals do eat the bacteria and store it, so when we consume them or their milk, we get B12. I am no expert, so this may be whole or in part false, but it's my understanding of it nonetheless. Feel free to peruse the world wide web, courtesy of Al gore, for more information on the topic and/or to school me. You know, or just eat a little meat. Just because I'm not, doesn't mean you shouldn't.

Just don't do this, cause it's weird:


  1. I prefer smoothies, but I'll eat anything cooked with hot sauce. Here's a way you might like:

    I used regular hot sauce; I don't have the Korean stuff. I would never eat kale as a salad. Gross.

  2. Marinate your kale in a little sesame and olive oil, with some lemon juice, salt & pepper. The trend right now is to "massage" it, to help with texture--but my favorite way to have kale is blended with pineapple juice, and nothing else. It sticks in the teeth something awful, but it's not a fashion show, right?

    1. Thanks for the tips! There's just so much information and misinformation out there. I've heard now that kale should always be cooked to avoid kidney stones or something when eaten or that too much kale can lead to thyroid problems. I suppose everything and anything in moderation, just like tofu and dark chocolate ;)